Scotland’s music scene has been going through a golden period as of late, with countless fresh artists emerging from the country and the indie rock genre slowly becoming a crowning jewel the their thriving music culture. Many of these bands are usually male fronted but it’s all female outfits like Uninvited who’re cutting through the noise and being welcomed like a breath of fresh air with the foursome wanting to break barriers and allow more non-male creatives to flex their artistic muscles. One listen to their latest single Diet Cigarette and you’ll quickly see why the hype train is swiftly building momentum for them. Being reminiscent of HAIM mixed with Fleetwood Mac, the quartet use melodic guitar riffs as the main driving force behind their sound with the thumping percussion backing their lush vocal harmonies up to give this track a teen coming of age movie feel, whilst also being perfect for long drives where you have no clue where you’re going to go. It’s hard not to lose yourself in the divine melodies. Each note makes you feel like you’re living your main character dream moment and their introspective lyrics about taking back power in a one-sided relationship only emphasises this feeling. Glasgow have got a real gem with this band.

This band aren’t just filled with promising newcomers, they’re filled with buckets of potential who could easily open for the likes of Paramore, HAIM, The 1975 and people would become instant fans. I’m sure it won’t be long before countless labels come knocking on their door and we see their name in lights.