Returning from their February single, London-based duo Temptress continues to amaze their audience with dazzling music. “Cuppa Tea” is the kind of song that you play late at night in a candlelit room. From soft, soothing vocals that make you feel like you’re floating in the air, to playful lyrics that remind you of your special someone, this song succeeds in creating an intimate experience.

This duo’s dynamic is unparalleled. Their chemistry seeps into their work like water in a pot of soil, prompting a beautiful song to bloom from the flower bed. It’s magical the way their voices weave together and ride the calming instrumental. They blend genres just as well as they blend their stunning voices. This track is the perfect mix of alternative pop and r&b, and you can’t find it anywhere else.

Once again, Temptress shows us that their talent is out of this world. You can always expect high quality music from them.