“What you waiting for?” asked the London duo, Temptress. For me, I’m waiting for them to be the next big thing. But like they expressed in their new single, “In The Bag”, I’m too impatient —- it needs to happen now. I discovered them this week and I couldn’t be more obsessed. Each of their tracks has a distinct sound, unlike anything I’ve heard. Their voices harmoniously complement each other, and their melodies hypnotize you and remove all tension from your body. Their latest release solidifies them as artists to be reckoned with and they deserve to be known worldwide. 

Temptress’ uniqueness continues to shine through in their soothing, alternative r&b track, “In The Bag”. It’s mesmerizing, and when you close your eyes and bask in all its greatness, it takes you to a world full of vivid colors and free from any stress. But, this tune doesn’t only lock you in a trance: it’s groovy and makes you want to move with your own funky dances. If you love imagining that you’re strutting on a runway while you take your daily walk around your neighborhood, this song is perfect for you. 

This duo is tired of waiting and they’re ready to spend money on themselves without regret. You can’t blame them: sometimes you deserve to spoil yourself. Temptress perfectly captures the essence of treating yourself unashamedly in this song, making it the confidence booster everyone needs. 

I wish I could listen to this song for the first time again. It was a euphoric feeling. I’ll take the advice from Temptress and make sure I “don’t let this feeling get away” by continuing to listen to their music and looking out for their future work.