I have been lucky enough to continuously stumble upon the perfect tracks for warm weather and next on the list is The Adoni. The New Orleans-based artist and producer has graced us with his debut LP entitled “TOO MANY VICES” filled with jazz, hip-hop, and R&B elements. This project is sonically dynamic with modern takes on classic sounds of the genres named previously. As his debut project, Adoni wanted to share his story and create a body of work with meaning behind it. We’ll explore this in more detail below. 

Firstly the story that Adoni is sharing with us is his personal journey dealing with and overcoming toxic masculinity. He shares personal stories and moments that led to his growth and maturation resulting in his current self. Adoni also brought in some amazing featured artists to help aid in this storytelling process with guest verses from Johan Lennox, Pell, Ayotemi, and more. The stories Adoni shares are very vulnerable and current, and he’s delivered a deep subject in a digestible manner where the music listens through easily. 

To highlight a few songs let’s start with “SPRING OR SPRUNG” a track that has a raw sound where Adoni’s manipulated his vocals between the chorus and verses. This song represents the experience of moving to a large city from a small town, full of distractions, a place where one may fall susceptible to their vices. As I said this is warm weather music and “ILYSM” was created with just that in mind. It’s going to be on in the park, at the cookout, and anywhere outside! This details the balance between toxicity and love in a complicated relationship dynamic. Featuring Pell, this song brings us a nice blend of hip-hop verses and a sing-song chorus that makes you want to move.  

There’s so much more I could say about the project but I’ll let it speak for itself. There are 14 tracks total for you to get familiar with The Adoni. This project is for listeners of Vince Staples, Ben Reilly, and Amine although each is fairly different the versatility of this tape will suit similar sounds. Get outside and play “TOO MANY VICES” on a nice day. Play it for your friends, add it to your playlist, and send your favourite track to someone who needs new music!