The song starts off with a conversation between two girls fresh out of plastic surgery, and they both seem a tad dingy, reflecting a blend of ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘Clueless’. And as if the video can’t get anymore odd, the object that is distracting the two from driving is the head of singer The Weekend. The bandaged friends pick the head up, and it begins to sing as they drive up the hill.

His mellow voice harmonizes nicely on the track, and when the beat drops it turns to Techno. The pool scene is weird, as the two friends admire the severed head. If you’re confused just stay with me, they then, circle an ad in the news paper for their own needs of physical perfection.

The video serves as the imaginary standard held in LA culture, and how people will go through drastic measures to be different, even if it involves going under the knife. Watch the video below.