According to yesterday’s report by CBS News, Instagram’s trusty algorithm is to blame for incorrectly flagging #EndSARS posts as false information. In particular, the @instagramcomms account tweeted the following:

Yesterday our systems were incorrectly flagging content in support of #EndSARS, and marking posts as false. We are deeply sorry for this. The issue has now been resolved, and we apologize for letting our community down in such a time of need.

The company published a tweet on the day that Nigeria’s President Buhari’s issued a warning, ordering Nigerians to stop protesting. For the past two weeks, local Nigerians have protested against the reported police brutality and corruption. Unfortunately, that’s not all. People have also seen flag messages for #EndSARS-related content on Facebook, the company that owns Instagram. To read the full report on CBS News, visit this link.