In pursuit of an authentic reality that transcends everything around him, Uzuhan’s sonic philosophy is all about rejecting what you think you know about the world you inhabit and embracing who you truly are. The Atlanta native is a veracious artist, never masquerading behind a flurry of lyrics that speak about nothing and only focus on distracting the listener from other issues, no instead he hammers home messages with earth shattering results. With his latest track Never Going Back he directs a message to the dreamers, fighters and believers, encouraging them to not to look back in the pursuit of their happiness. He inspires them to keep moving, to not morph back into who they once were but instead to focus on what’s ahead of them. Yes, there will be moments where you falter and the world around will turn into monochrome, but it just means there’s gonna be moments where the world around you will soon be as vibrant as a rainbow after a thunderstorm. Through his insightful storytelling we get to see this too, going from his broken down record deal to his poignant statements about the aftermath of a horrific event.

Uzuhan isn’t afraid to let go of his past to become the person he was destined to be and he tells us the same. You can always rely on him to produce meaningful pieces of music with a life lesson at its core that will stay with you long after the record finishes playing.