Texas-based nu-disco French house duo, CAPYAC released a ‘Take Me Closer’ remix by Mexican indie-dance outfit CLUBZ. CAPYAC, the musical endeavours of Eric and Delwin, recently released their sophomore studio album ‘CAPYAC FOREVER’, an album that smoothly flows between funk and disco and French-house. Standout tracks such as the horn-filled funk single ‘Ooeeooeeoo’ and the groovy bass-driven ‘Sanctuary’ showcased the duo’s ability to write infectious melodies and basslines whilst handpicking the perfect features for each track. For the remix of ‘Take Me Closer’, CLUBZ, a force to be reckoned with, maintained the upbeat sounds of the original whilst adding their own twist. The addition of smooth 80s keys and funky bassline in exchange for the originals’ Nile-Rodgers sounding guitar rhythm sends this remix to another sonic sphere. CLUBZ introduced the remix with their signature 70s straightforward drum groove transforming it into an indie-dance banger from the get go.