With a story that could’ve come straight out of an early 2000’s underdog story, Venus As a Boy (otherwise known as Theo Lee) is a Jazz school dropout who fell in love with music production. He went on to win one of the infamous Kenny Beat’s battles, featured in Spotify editorial playlists and worked with some of the most exciting names in the underground scene like Jaymes Young, Joshoo, Kazi, and Saks to name a few.

However for the past year he’s been venturing out from behind the mixing table, and trying to create a statement of life. Realising finite his time on this Earth is, and wanting to do something worthwhile that would leave a mark on the world if he passed, as well as creating something beautiful in the process, he started dropping his solo material. His sonic ideologies took to the stage and grabbed the spotlight in a flash, but today might be his best drop to date.

With an elegant production that shifts from melodic electronics, to a cacophony of explosions reminiscent of blending brakence and My Bloody Valentine’s chorus’ together, When were you so low is strikingly fascinating. Produced and recorded in his childhood bedroom, he goes through the lows that come with chasing your dream. The sacrifices you have to make in order to become what you fantasise about, losing family, friends, and relationships that meant a lot to you before. Going from tame verses to bellowing choruses expresses this internal and external frustration to a tee, all whilst his distorted vocals pack a gut-wrenching punch.