Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

Opening the video with a word from Tony Allen, the late great drummer, and Fela Kuti’s musical director, set the tone for Ezra Collective’s new record with Kojey Radical. He clarified that he wouldn’t play “Jazz like the Americans”, assuring us that he would play it his way.


Speaking on the new track, drummer and bandleader Femi Koleoso shares, “Drum lessons with Uncle Tony didn’t just change my life, but Ezra Collective’s. He is the greatest. The most valuable thing he ever taught me was, always be yourself. Never lie. Be who you are. Be proud of who you are. He is an Afro beat drummer. And forever will be. When you truly are who you’re meant to be, you have No Confusion. ‘Confusion’ by Fela Kuti is one of the only recorded drum solos by Uncle Tony. It’s so him, no one else could have played it. This track is so us. We’re at a place where we really know who we are as a band. And there’s ‘No Confusion’ about it.”

Check out the official video for the incredible record below. It comes from the group’s album ‘Where I’m Meant to Be’.