Los Angeles-based sensation, known by many as BAYLI, has released a live rendition of her fan favourite ‘Think of Drugs’ record. Embodying the early 2000s Garage band look, donning an almost Harley Quinn coiffure, the young singer delivers a powerful but laid-back performance. Her voice is raspy but sultry. A perfect companion for the Rock-ish guitar ensemble that makes the backbone of ‘Think of Drugs’. The Brooklyn-raised songstress uses a clever narcotic analogy to describe a toxic relationship filled with themes of addiction and delusions. An obese Pop bass and escalating lead synths create a modern Pop-Rock feel. It makes sense for BAYLI because she comes from a Punk background. The Ruck Rubin mentee is praised for her empowering songwriting, evident in her recent work, ‘TELLY BAG’, where she speaks to the gay community.