Releasing their first EP since 2020’s Chase’s Hands is Worry Club, who have at last unveiled the latest contribution to their discography – ur not real. Founded by Chicago’s Chase Walsh, Worry Club are a quartet that have set out to release music that is rich both sonically and emotionally. Their latest release only serves to reinforce this sentiment. 

Sitting at a comfortable length of 18 minutes, ur not real is collection of songs both new and old. Featuring four previously released singles and two new ones, ur not real is the perfect starting point for anyone who’s just hearing about this artistic collective for the first time. Each entry on this project accounts for a different side of their artistry, as Worry Club strings together elements of hyperpop, punk, folk, midwest emo, and more into a fully-developed body of work. This blend of sounds has ultimately formed a soundscape that will embed itself into the mind of every listener, not releasing its grasp until the EP reaches its completion. Some personal favorites off of ur not real included “Lately” featuring John the Ghost and “Bleach”. Definitely keeps these guys on your radar.