Reminiscent of classic 60’s pop anthems like Daydream Believer and Good Vibrations, the New Jersey native Rocco turns the nostalgia up to eleven and fills us up with nothing but unbridled joy in his latest release. Feels Like A Dream is an aptly named single because the whole piece does feel like one. The twinkling guitar melodies raise your feet off the ground and allow you to soar through the clouds without a care in the world, along with the vibrant array of colourful synths that add to the coruscating dreamscape you’re experiencing. The soft timbre of his voice adds to this further, becoming the narrator of our experience as we swoop down to a small lake where we get to witness a blossoming romance take place. We see puppy love take effect as the airy soundscape has us watching on with unbridled amounts of glee.

This single is like a warm hug, getting a kiss on the cheek from your high school sweetheart or the initial stages of love where you feel the butterflies fluttering around your stomach. It’s utterly sweet and will have you smiling from ear to ear with the joy that comes hand in hand with it.