One thing I love about the modern music age, amongst the dredge of bad artist deals, poor pay for musicians, and an increasing work load to maintain a presence on all social media platforms, producers have been stepping into the spotlight. You’ll see it all the time nowadays where producers for big hit makers will take their chance on creating solo music that matches their vision, not another person’s. Benny Blanco is one of these global success stories with him creating worldwide hit in Eastside.

Now we’ve got a new face hoping to be the next global smash hitter in the form of yuni. Born and raised in Las Vegas, this young producer has already build a name for himself in the community working on projects for the likes of Lil Nas X, JID and Jaden to name just a few. Now he’s stepping out from behind the mixing table, and making sure the spotlight is shining directly on him.

Having previously release three singles, don’t care is the latest of his anti-pop blend to be introduced to the world. Disguising itself as a playful tune with a buoyant production and a vibe reminiscent of Justin Bieber, there’s a darker underlying message coming through the lyrics. His thought provoking thoughts filter out into the soundscape as he croons about toxic relationships and the impact they have on others. It can easily strike a chord with listeners who’re are looking for something to cry to, or a vibe filled experience for those who want to turn the world off and live in the music.