When we’re experiencing the highs that life has to offer we often forget about the lows that we went through to get to this point. We use these highs as a form of escapism, forgetting about the rough patches we’ve gone through to live out a time where nothing went pair-shaped, you simply got here and loved every second it took to get there. It’s something the Brooklyn based musician Kenneth Cash has noticed stating that, “We tend to narrowly focus on the highs without taking into account the lows we often feel afterwards. Those highs are what we call heaven; an incredibly deceitful and personal heaven,” hence the title of his latest release.

Call That Heaven blends euphoric highs of life with devastating lows through a juxtaposing soundscape. Cash’s heavenly vocal serves the hope, the light at the end of the darkness that keeps us going through the torturous storm we endure. The production is the opposite, maintaining an eery, dark, and foreboding quality through ominous piano being the centre piece with a looping drum pattern helping amplify its fear factor. Introspective lyrics take your hand and guide you through his journey to where he is now, ending at the final point where he’s seeing his version of heaven whilst looking at back at all he’s had to overcome.

This isn’t your usual indie themed R&B single. It’s one that Cash dedicates to his journey, knowing he’ll continue to grow as an artist and person but never forgetting the roots that helped him grow.