From a creative standpoint, I can’t help but admire what JoeJas is doing right now. He’s the definition of a DIY artist, performing, writing and producing all of his music but, as expected, he takes it one step further by directing and editing all his visuals too. He doesn’t stop there though either, because he also runs his own company called Fat Llama that puts on a ridiculous number of artist shows around London, giving creative artists a place to be heard amongst the noise of the capital. Heck, he even stretched it to further fields earlier this year and did a show in Glasgow, helping even more artists get a chance to get their music heard.

I’ve rambled on long enough about be admiring his work ethic and overall creative commitment, but lets talk about his music. JoeJas is building something from the ground up, laying a solid foundation that has the potential to reach the heigh of a skyscraper with the amount creative ingenuity he has on display. Going through his discography you can see he’s always had a unique perspective on what his sound should be, blending together Jazz, Hip-Hop and R&B to form one cohesive sound. From his first drop in 2016 to his 2022 album Gaps & Nomads you can see his progression. His talent is on another level and, as said previously, you can’t help but admire his creativity.

He recently dropped his music video for LAX and it’s everything I expected from him and then some. It’s an imaginative world filled with a vibrant spectrum of colours that bring out the wonder of his music, even feature collage style visuals that help add a charm to his sound that’s hard to replicate. There’s no other way to describe JoeJas’s sound and visuals other than it’s 100% his own. No ones got what he’s got right now, and that’s probably why he’s a stand out performer, artist, director and almost any other thing he decides to set his mind to.