This year we’ve been inundated with happy-go-lucky singles filled with boisterous amounts of life that allowed us to make up for the time we lost back in 2020, but sometimes we want a melancholy anthem for us to express our feelings of sorrow, desolation and general downtrodden emotions. In enters the Nashville artist Zøie X who’s music is perfect for late night crying sessions where all you want to do is grab your pillow and muffle your tear ridden screams as you let the emotional devastation take hold of you. It’s sad pop with an ethereal edge and sad girl thing showcases this from start to finish, going from a whisper quiet opener that’s solemn in nature before building to a cacophony of emotion bursting out of the celestial soundscape during the climax that is pure perfection. The lyrics are executed with precision of a Formula One driver, feeling like a therapy session where we’re hearing her innermost thoughts released in a cathartic moment that we soon partake in as we belt out the chorus as loud as we can. With an eclectic production of melancholia inducing synths being the cherry on top, this is something we can all let our emotions out to.

Intertwining a passionate vocal with a spellbinding pop soundscape, it’s clear to see that Zøie X is ready to be a pop standout in the Texas capital. Just don’t expect us to experience this sad feeling when her career takes off.