19 year-old singer-songwriter from Utah Addison Grace has one of the most jubilant feel good sounds around right now with her happy-go-lucky ukulele melodies, uplifting lyrics and ethereal vocals creating a soundscape that was designed to be listened to whilst smiling from ear to ear. Obviously that sound has resonated with thousands of people with her debut Sugar Rush garnering 500,000 plays on Spotify as well as her Tik Tok having over two million followers on top of that. I’d best describe her sound as Dodie meets The Mowgli’s and if that sounds like your cup of tea then it’s time to dive into her latest single.

Overthink plays on how when we have a huge crush on someone, butterflies and all, we consistently overcomplicate what we’re doing around them to the point where we’re not ourselves within that moment. Her pensive lyricisms portray this perfectly with them having an earnest quality to them that makes the piece all the more relatable as her euphoria inducing vocals gently soar over the bubbly production that will have you reminiscing over past moments of puppy love and the embarrassing moments you thought you’d never live down. This is a quirky little tune that will push the bad times away and bring on the good vibes.