I honestly didn’t think Aimee Vant could get more vulnerable considering how raw the emotions are that she has explored in her past music, but here we are, looking a story in the eye that must have been nearly impossible for her to withstand. 

In her latest single ‘Tylenol’, Aimee lets us look inside how she is comprehending a time that she was ghosted after traveling halfway across the country to South Africa to visit her boyfriend of two years, and having to spend two weeks there on her own as an anxiety ridden mess. The song itself is a classic Aimee Vant look into production (along with collaborators James October, Alex Venegas, and Jake Bennett), and it leaves us heartbroken wherever we listen to it for the first time. The line ‘Tylenol can’t fix me anymore’ makes you fall into a pit of numbness, and simultaneously builds you back up from a place of deep understanding. Although she never gained closure from this situation, she said ‘at least I could write about it’ in an attempt to make sense of it all. 

On behalf of everyone who has listened to this song I would like to express an I’m sorry, and a thank you to Aimee, who has had the courage to share a story that has taken an immeasurable toll on her. You turned something very traumatizing into something beautiful, and we are all proud of you for making it to where you are today. Thank you for letting us hear your story.