20 year old artist, rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist MCBALLER takes the early 2000’s era of hip hop, and brings it into the modern era. With slick basslines reverberating through your body, a charismatic rap performance that’s impossible to ignore, and infectious energy tying it all together, it’s hard to resist bumping to his music in your car.

Originally from Cambridge, MA, currently based in Providence, RI, MCBALLER’s main goal is to push his own sonic boundaries. Creating vibrant worlds filled with technicolour whilst the rest of the world is seen in black and white, breaking genre conventions, and inspiring a new generation of musicians to follow in his footsteps, that’s what he wants to do. It’s a tall order, but his dynamic personality and magnetic sound might just get him there.

JUMPIN is our first introduction to his sonic identity, and it’s a vibe and a half. The booming beats were made for the club, giving off 50 Cent’s Candy Shop, where I can see a people lifting their red-solo cups high as they scream the chorus together. His deep timbre adds to the piece further, making your body want to groove along to the melody, and it only gets better as the eclectic production grows to eruptive finish.