If your favourite Taylor Swift songs fall under her 1989 era, specifically tracks like Style and Blank Space, then the songstress Alex Amor is someone you’ll want to hop onto. The young musician has been a shining light in the UK’s pop scene over the past few years, delivering glistening bops featuring multiple earworm hooks that stay in your head weeks after you last listened to the track. Whether it be joyous numbers that make you want to dance in the rain or somber singles that makes everything seems cold and blue, she’s got you covered. No matter the occasion she’s here to soundtrack it.

Today in Casually Cool, she delivers a cutting account on on apathy tearing its way through a relationship. Featuring a myriad of honest lyricisms dissecting the emotional intricacies behind a slowly deteriorating romance, from “it’s how you text / it’s cold at best / and I can’t put my finger on it,” to “this never ending apathy got me pining for your full attention,” it becomes clear Amor knows how to visualise pain. Like an art piece, every elegant phrasing acts as a brushstroke adding to the depth of the piece and the impact the vivid textures have upon the viewer. Battling between leaving and giving things one last try, the torment is captured through her high quality lens resulting in a sublime track from the rising artist.