There’s a special moment in every musicians life where they hear a certain song or see something that makes them realise what their true calling is. For some it was hearing a busker in the street, for other it was listening to the guitar solo in Prince’s classic Purple Rain, but I do admit that I never thought that Lizzie McGuire singing This is What Dreams Are Made Of in an arena with her famous Italian twin would be one and I LOVE the fact that it was how Ayesha A. Madon found what her dream was.

The young musician has already begun to make a name for herself in her native city Melbourne through her celestial vocal melodies that gently take a hold of you and pull you into her quirky soundscape filled with amusingly witty lyricisms, relatable storytelling and stripped back production. She doesn’t hide herself within her music, in-fact it’s her distinguishable character and charming personality that gives her music an idiosyncratic flair that makes me continually come back for more.

Her debut track Outside of the Party is like if Ariana Grande and Rihanna collaborated with her euphonically toned vocals continuously sending chills across my body as she delivers perfectly placed riffs and ad-libs that add a wonderful charm to the piece. The laidback production allows her voice to take centre stage as she sings about not wanting to go to a party and endure the social awkwardness that comes along with it, “Really hate the small talk. Chit chat, I’m riff raff. Tell me how’s your day, how’s your mother fucking dog. Jesus lord, cut me off.” This is not a debut to miss as Ayesha A. Madon looks like she could become a new rising star in Australia’s music scene.