Californian artist Matt Sumen has just released his latest collection of blues, rock, and rockabilly songs, displaying his fine artistry in an inspiring way, and leading the way to bring back some of the best era music has witnessed in its history to our modern and present times. A graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Sumen has deeply studied all the techniques and theory that an accomplished musician needs in order to be able to spread his wings to the fullest and translate his own vision of music to a strikingly beautiful and meticulously crafted reality. 

“Hold Me, Love Me,” “Let It Roll,”  “All I Want,” “Critical Rescue,” “The Covid-19 Fix” and “Silly Songwriter” are the titles of Sumen’s latest releases, and one important fact to mention is that none of these songs resemble the others, as he made sure to clearly incorporate specific genres on each of the songs. From Dance rock to rock and roll, and from blues to rockabilly, his knowledge and intuition are covering a wide spectrum, and bring a diversity worth cherishing, knowing how great all these musical genres and heritage are valuable to music, both for connoisseurs and mainstream listeners.