The more music that the rapidly rising rap duo PEARL release the more I realise how multifaceted their soundscape is. They’re not a one trick pony, they’re able to wear a multitude of hats when creating their music to form soundscapes that match the tales they weave through their expressive lyricisms and evocatively charmed delivery. Right now they’re one of the best in the game, there’s no doubt about that in my mind, with their striking sound mixed with their vivid ability to craft narratives that leave an impact on people that lasts long after the track has finished playing being utterly enthralling and today they continue to thrive in their latest hard-hitting and evocative single.

I said last time that their previous release Serenity was their best track to date and they’ve just topped it today with Bloom. This contains some the best lyrics the duo have come up with to date with their profound nature and social commentary on the world around them currently mixed with the ominous production of bass driven synths that reverberate through your body and high pitched chimes that sets the piece alight. Then you’ve got the visuals, genuinely this duo never fails to produce videos that leave you captivated from start to finish whilst elevating the message of the track to new heights.

The track is called Bloom and rightly so as PEARL are blossoming into one of the best acts in the hip hop scene right now. They’re the real deal.