23 year old Norwegian pop gem Cham Léon has been making waves in Norway’s renowned underground pop scene for a while now with his heavily creative brand of expressive storytelling and his iridescent vocal performance making an inclusive soundscape for all to find solace within. It’s a gender neutral universe where all are welcome and this mainly comes from his own experiences where he’s felt the need to adapt to his surroundings and become some who he’s not, making him lack a sense of belonging at all, but within his sonic universe no one is left out. You’re invited in with open arms, all pre-judgements, stereotypes and negative opinions on people are left at the door in the name of art and stellar pop music.

His debut single four stuns with a throbbing production with pulsating bass beats that reverberate through your body with an intertwining string section that adds a distinct flair to the piece in-between the electronic flourishes. A passionate vocal performance from Léon adds more weight to the already emotionally invigorating lyricisms that are brimming with life as we enter the vibrant chorus with explosive beats that is the cherry on top of this whole affair. Add in the aesthetically gorgeous and enthralling music video and you’ve got a future pop star in the making.