All The Same is my introduction to Cisco Swank and I’ll certainly say he’s blown me away with this number. Hailing from Brooklyn in New York, Swank’s is dedicated to his craft, demonstrating his ability to blend contemporary music ideologies with nods to the past. Taking elements of the early 90’s R&B landscape (think BOYZ II MEN with a smidge of TLC) and perceiving it through an indie lens with some jazzy undertones. The result? A mash up of genres that’s the equivalent of sun rays dancing across your skin at the beach. A serotonin boost that you’ll have on repeat for weeks to come.

This is easily something I’ll be adding to my multitude of upcoming summer playlists. Even the music helps reflect this atmosphere with a true D.I.Y styled visual that’s authentic as can, never taking away from the vibe of the piece either. So whether blasting this out through your stereo as you drive a long the coast, enjoying the feel-good times the vibe filled production offers in the sun, or just marvelling at the visuals and the skill Swank has, there’s no reason to not have this on your playlists.