Right now, David Kushner is arguably one of the biggest up and coming musicians around. His 2022 single Mr. Forgettable was one of the biggest songs on Tik Tok in 2022 and he’s only gotten stronger since then. Each release he’s built upon his sound, elevating it to new heights and shining light on parts of his sound the wider audience across the globe hadn’t heard before. He pierces your heart with his introspective lyrics, lets you become part of the story, and before you know it you’ll be drowning in a pool of your own tears. So there’s no surprise here when Daylight left his fans crying their eyes out.

Reminiscent of a piano ballad that Hozier would perform during a Live Lounge session, the track is dramatic but remains grounded. His impactful voice rises like a phoenix from the ashes, exploding with passion around you with the power on display with his commitment making you believe ever single word. The gossamer piano keys are understated, emphasising his evocative voice rather than being the centre point of the piece, and it only grows with the inclusion of the atmospheric drums.

Daylight is one Kushner’s best tracks to date. His momentum hasn’t stopped since Mr. Forgettable and I’m certain he’s a name we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the coming years.