Somethings in the music world are timeless, and the UK’s never ending love for alternative rock bands is one of them. You can look back as far as you like, the second this genre was introduced to UK soil it became a staple of the nations festivals, pubs, concerts, you name it and a band of this genre has probably played at one.

Only The Poets were obviously inspired by the bands of old, so what do you do if you’re inspired by these legends? You do things the old school way. They avoided the more conventional route of developing a fanbase these days, playing student house parties, pub circuits and small venues to selling out 1,600-capacity venues in the UK and across Europe, they did it all. They’d drive 100 miles to perform in front of two people and then drive straight back home. Dedicated perfectly describes them, and it’s all now paying off with them becoming a name on the tip of everyone’s lips. So don’t be surprised if their latest track ends up landing on your heavy rotation.

JUMP! is a stadium anthem in the making. The high octane guitars sending a rush of energy through your system, the pulsating drums reverberating through your body, and invigorating vocal display with a vibrant energy that’s infectious. You can envision a stadium of people belting this back at the band, every work being fired straight back at them with equal amounts of passion and joyous energy. So… what are you waiting for? Dive, or should is say jump, head first into Only The Poets, you won’t regret it.

JUMP! is about all the times when you need to follow your heart and not your head. Too often in life we don’t take the leap, always wondering about potential problems and over thinking. It’s a song all about being completely unapologetic about jumping into something new and exciting, whatever that might be.”