Whilst most songs about young love are written from a joyous perspective, experiencing butterflies in your belly for the first time, cute dates at your local diner and feeling intense emotion unlike anything you’ve felt before, Daisy Bleu goes for a different approach. She doesn’t focus on the sweet side of love but instead goes into the struggles that come with an adolescent romance. She goes over insecurities, feelings of anxiety and whether or not you’re worthy enough to be his in the first place. It’s rough but the way she sings it helps everyone through the pain.

Akin to Olivia Rodrigo’s brand of honest songwriting, To Be His is diaristic at its very core. Bleu doesn’t disguise her feelings with a mask to falsify the narrative or make her experiences feel different from everyone else, she makes it become a personable experience where you can insert yourself into her lyrics. She takes you by the hand and gently guides you through the narrative, all whilst a nostalgically themed production provides the perfect backdrop. Daisy Bleu gives us a debut that’s sweet, charming and raw as can be.