Atlanta native S.U.R.F. has recently released his highly anticipated debut Album entitled Rage Angel. The tracklist showcases the epitome of Atlanta culture with features from some of the most notable underground artists on the scene. Appearances from Ben Reilly, Z6Saint, The Letter M, and so much more talent. This tape comes after his recent and utmost well deserved signing with Boy Meets Space

As you listen through this artful arrangement of alternative hip-hop tracks the energy it brings is unmatched. S.U.R.F. has proclaimed himself the Rage Angel and I assure you this name does not come without reason. To highlight some tracks, How Does It Feel, Step, and Nightcrawler all deliver us a raw, almost dark yet dynamic sound that’s fit for festival-type rage. Not only are we given mosh-worthy anthems, but S.U.R.F. has also tapped into his melodic vocals in a whole other realm than what we haven’t heard before.

I’d like to turn the attention now to Coupe one of this album’s focus tracks and also one of my favorites overall! Coupe falls into the sector of feel-good songs that give you a euphoric, “I can conquer anything”, mentality. With a nice catchy beat to vibe with and light yet witty bars delivered to us in a melodic flow this is a must add to the playlist that puts in you in a good mood, to start your day on the right foot. It’s fun, it’s catchy, it elevates your aura and I think anyone can enjoy this track. 

To close us off I’d like to shed some light on two tracks that show S.U.R.F.’s insane versatility and my favorite tracks that I simply enjoy listening to. First off we have Interstaller, it’s quick but it’s just so good the vocals on this track seriously showcase his talent and in just one minute and a half we hear meaningful lyrics laced with a story. Next up my favorite track, Matrix, it has the rage value mentioned earlier but I wanted to save the best for last! The flow is quick to match the beat, yet we get a glimpse of melodic moments between verses. I also love that this track is one of S.U.R.F.’s solo pieces, he has no problem holding his own. The talent here is off the charts and I can’t wait to see whats next in his journey!