I’ve been a fan of Deb Fan from the moment I discovered her single “Headlights”. Since then she’s released her debut EP “Gemini Moon” and now we have a brand new single “Lucky Girl Syndrome”. If you’re not familiar with Deb Fan her music is truly mesmerizing, commanding, and feminine. She articulates the female experience so well speaking of past relationships, healing, manifestations, and more. She often plays with themes of duality and her production is equally dynamic with lush immersive instrumentals. 

This particular single is a set of manifestations, the track begins with Deb softly proclaiming things she wants in a sultry tone. Essentially singing “I want it all” along with other desires. While this song contains many positive manifestations that Deb is hoping for it’s not to be seen as naive. She’s been on a spiritual journey to develop high standards and protect her energy. This feels like a representation of things she’s found herself to deserve. You can hear the confident and commanding side of Deb Fan as she transitions into a rap verse. This is a more reflective set of lyrics recounting how far she’s come. 

This might be my favorite single from Deb Fan so far! I love when a slower song isn’t necessarily sad or soft. The lyricism and overall mood of this track is so unique, it’s feminine and empowering. Deb’s vocals are truly captivating she’s immensely talented and equally versatile. If you haven’t heard “Gemini Moon” it has a similar essence and definitely worth the listen. Start with “Lucky Girl Syndrome” and don’t stop there. Everyone has a playlist that Deb Fan could be added to, so start listening and find your favorite!