Pride month has just arrived and Eleanor Kingston has dropped an alternative queer anthem that will find its way onto countless Pride playlists, as well as being blasted out at a myriad of different events this month. This is an unashamedly freeing single about throwing caution to the wind, ignoring what the villainous people of the world may think and being proud of your sexuality, exactly what this month is all about. It’s simply joyous, ilikegirls will make you grin from ear to ear as you envision the dream-girl she is crooning for. It’s not the atypical manic pixie dream girl that most people envision or see in classic movies, no she’s describing every intricate detail about them that makes her swoon like she’s in a 90’s rom-com. As per usual her vocals are sublime, blending with the production to form a euphonic aura that’s both charming and sincere in the best ways imaginable. Include unique instrumentals that draw you closer into her intimate headspace and it’s clear to see Eleanor Kingston is up with Hayley Kiyoko as one of the best songwriter for alternative queer anthems.

Be sure to dive deeper into Eleanor Kingston’s discography, you’ll be inundated with sonic treat that your ears will thank you for. Especially when you fall down her lyrical rabbit holes that will have you blasting her discography on repeat for weeks on end.