Featuring a music video that contains a man with green hair that would honestly make a better Joker than Jared Leto’s attempt at the character, ella jane continues to excel with her pristine brand of effervescent pop with a zestful spring that’s hard to describe. You listen to her melodies and you’re encouraged to dance like nobody is watching, pulling shapes that would make you pull a muscle, or jumping off the stage during your imaginary concert with your hairbrush microphone raise to the sky. However, on close examination you often discover her lyrics come from a more morse place, forming a marvellous juxtaposition that’s quite hypnotic when paired with her delivery.

The latest example of this quintessential ella jane construct is How Do I Lose, a glistening pop track that wouldn’t feel too out of place on a Dua Lipa album. With muted piano keys inspired by Orla Gartland delicately placed alongside the ebullient synths that offer a sunny disposition, this easily becomes the most jubilant track (production wise) in her discography to date. Her diaristic lyrics describe the anxieties of a non-relationship where neither party knows what’s happening but just seeing where this journey takes them. You can feel the nerves bubbling with her voice as her agitation at the situation becomes more apparent, leading to the questions running through her mind. Include a lighthearted music video with stellar visuals directed by Aerin Moreno and it’s clear to see the pure talent ella jane possesses.

“‘How Do I Lose You’ is a quintessential example of how much I love to pair fairly unhappy lyrics with upbeat, danceable music. I get such a kick out of tricking the listener like that. So despite its quick pace and jumpy melody, the track is really about the anxiety of being in an undefined, ‘let’s see where this goes’ type of (non-)relationship.”