Maddie Zahm is a bold, delicate and diaristic songwriter who’s music has become a shining beacon of hope to those who’ve faced hardship during their youth. She’s created a place of solace where all those who’ve undergone trauma during their adolescent years are allowed to vent as a means of catharsis for them as her elegantly poised timbre lets them know that they’re not alone. Each track she offers delivers a visceral gut-punch through her expressive vocal using abreaction to awaken something deep within you, as her Pulitzer Prize worthy lyrics tear down your defences and let you unleash the pain you’ve been keeping inside for far too long. Relief floods your system as her EP YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE HER soundtracks your recovery.

This debut EP is a statement of what Maddie Zahm wants to create, something that leaves an everlasting impact on all those who listen. The title track is a gift to every person that grew up in a religious home. When you teach a kid to sing with conviction, eventually they’ll grow up and find their own is the powerful message behind If It’s Not God. With lyrics that hit close to the heart, Fat Funny Friend will have you reaching for the tissues, “do they keep me around so their flaws just seem silly.” Pocket Bible is short but features so many powerful lyrics that hit you with all the force of a freight train, from, “why do I feel better when I don’t pray”, to, “What happens when you kiss a girl for Christ’s sake,” it’s clear how talented a songwriter she is. Then there’s Inevitable, a heart-wrenching ballad that will hit close to home if you’ve ever lost someone who you believed was the one. This debut EP is simple extraordinary.

“This EP is so incredibly important to me as I have changed about as many times as a person could in a year. I was a 23 year old who was raised in a church that taught me that my only goal was to be a good kid. But good kids get older and unfortunately that means we’re not ready to face the world when we should be. I was lucky enough to be able to process these things by writing a project to my younger self, my hometown, my parents, the world, etc. This project quite literally saved me and I hope it reaches even just one person who is questioning if they’re allowed to be their full selves. I never imagined releasing this so I hope you’ll take care of her like you all have taken care of me.”