Cast your mind back to the early 2000’s where pop punk was dominating the airwaves, you couldn’t move two inches without Fallout Boy on the radio and we were being inundated with summer anthems that would shape our adolescence. The resurgence of pop punk has been a glorious thing, some artists have gone for a more hard-hitting sound whilst others have ventured into the more pop centric area, but they’ve always added their own flair to the iconic sound. I’ve stumbled across hundreds of these singles as of late but, after one day of aimlessly scrolling on TikTok, I came across Knox who’s latest single Sneakers is serotonin in sonic form. One listen and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear whilst singing the engrossing bridge, “cherry chapstick drama queen.”

Giving me flashbacks to Blink182 mixed with We The Kings track Check Yes Juliet, Sneakers is filled with feel good energy that transcends onto you, turning any gloomy day to one beaming with sunlight. Joy floods your brain as the sunkissed-jovial melodies wrap themselves around you, blocking out the barrage of depressing news coming in, whilst his alluring vocal charms you with its high-octane charisma that oozes out of every orpheus. However, it’s that chorus that hits harder than anything else, “but I don’t really need to see what’s under that T-shirt, I could but I gotta fuck with me first.” I’ve had that stuck in my head all week and I cannot get enough of it. My heavy rotation has never been so one sided in all my life. Simply unskippable.