Born in Wilmington, Del., Boy Pierce learned about music production by creating mashups in college. Dedicated to succeeding, he then traveled to New York City to further pursue his music aspirations. He has successfully opened up for great talents and MCs like MC Lars, Froggy Fresh, I Fight Dragons, MC Chris, and Mac Lethal. Boy Pierce also creates music video content, one of which went viral. “Nick Foles” surpassed 850,000 views online. 

LA was the 2nd city Boy Pierce visited during his ‘Airbnb’ Tour last year, where he worked remotely for 10-weeks in the western USA.

“I stayed in both Hollywood and Downtown LA. I had no friends and no car during this venture, so I did what my inner New Yorker would do – simply walked around and explored. This animated music video tells the story of a complete outsider walking around Los Angeles with zero agenda. I stumble organically upon attractions like the bustling food hall at Grand Central Market and The Last Bookstore. I explore independently during the first verse then, like the second chorus says, “I match on dating apps and meet a girl in Malibu.” We proceed to go on dates for the next two weeks, everything from eating dinner on the Pacific Ocean to playing air hockey at Dave and Buster’s. I created the music using a midi keyboard and my production software, in a downtown loft in Los Angeles. The repeating chorus “I’m walking round LA, not a single thing to do” naturally popped in my head as I was composing the music. I would then walk around the city with my headphones, listening to the beat on repeat, writing down the things I saw and the places I stumbled upon. The microphone I used to record the vocals was even purchased in downtown LA – a handheld vocal microphone that was convenient for travel, as opposed to the normal bulky mic-stand and reflector shield I’m accustomed to.” 

A true SoCal piece of Art.

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