Just when I think I’m running out of words to describe Hans Williams expressive voice, artistic storytelling, and natural ability to enthral anybody with his sonic landscape, he somehow amazes me again. He’s been going from strength to strength over the years, really coming into his own during the lockdown years, and now he’s dropped a track that’s got some of his strongest writing to date.

If you were a fan some of The Civil Wars iconic tracks from the early 2010’s then Willows is going to be right up your streak. Opening with a rustic, blues influenced guitar riff with a folk undertone, Williams sets the scene for what is about to unfold. His evocative voice screams out the pain he’s been experiencing as doubts about his life run through his mind, making him question his own decision making. He starts off quiet showcasing his pain through an intimate setting, but slowly we see Williams’ confidence come to the forefront as he faces this uncertainty. By the end we see him rise up from the ashes of despair like a mighty phoenix, belting about how he will continue to power on, and become what he desires.

That’s the best word to describe his music. Hans Williams is a phoenix, rising from despair, and transforming it into works of art. Whatever you’re going through, he will help you through it.

“I wrote this track to help ground myself in New Orleans. Living here the past few years I’ve had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that have come to shape my experience. ‘Willows’ has helped me find comfort and normalize the doubt that goes through my head as just another part of growing as a person. This was the first song I’ve produced with my band (with help from Phin of course) and the first song I’ll release that I’ve co-written with my friend Ethan Zales.”