A month or so ago Harry Was Here released his debut single Stay, a track that combined the nostalgic 2000’s of pop punk with modern hip hop in a swirling pool of slick guitar riffs and shimmering synths as he carefully crooned about a love that was slowly falling apart. It was a piece that made you feel as if you were in the same room as Harry as he wore his heart on his sleeve and let you know all the pain he was going through, almost as if you were too old friends who knew exactly the pain each other was going through and that’s exactly why he has that artist name. It makes you feel as if you’re in the room watching these events unfold from his life, almost as if it was a movie, and you go through the rollercoaster of ups and downs that happens within his life.

This continues today with the release of his latest single Home that comes around just in time for the festive season as he dissects how not everyone has someone to spend the holidays with. We often refer to this time of year as the time where we should spend it with the ones we love, however when that becomes more of a struggle, especially with COVID, the sense of loneliness comes creeping in at a time where it feels like everyone is with their friends and family. Harry details this pain with such precision that it feels like a punch in the face from Mike Tyson, but he does offer a sense of hope by telling people that they aren’t alone this holiday season as he is always there with his music as a place of solace.

Speaking of the track the artist said, “This song comes right in time for the holidays, to share real experiences about loneliness. Not everyone talks about those who might not have the best memories of the holidays and all the expectations that come with it. This song aims to let people know they aren’t alone this season, and that we can control our own happiness. The sun doesn’t have to always be out to figure out who we are and what we want.”