“All things must work together for the good of each and all… Complete annihilation of old ways. Infinite Lush New World.” That’s a quote that Jimi Lucid often uses across his social media and it’s genuinely the perfect way to describe the sonic universes he’s managed to craft. Everything within his sound works together with one another despite being quite polar opposites at times to allow each individually to shine for the good of themselves to create this experimental unhackneyed sound. As he says, it’s an infinite and lush new world.

He’s been steadily releasing tracks over the past few years and now the New York musicians is back at it again with the release of Sunchaser. Throughout the piece his lyricisms have a poetic sensibility about them as the warped vocals mix with the contorting production that has an air of Tame Impala about it as his bedroom pop melodies tenderly wrap themselves around you to transport you to the tranquil world he’s created for us. It’s a lucid affair that’ll have us continuously coming back for more, dive into his sound today and experience it all for yourself.