Earlier this year jo unveiled her debut single consumed and we were immediately enthralled by her breathtaking talent and natural storytelling ability that was like listening to an award winning novelists piece de resistance. She took the lo-fi music genre to a new level, focusing on weaving enthralling narratives about sexuality, self-love, empowerment, difficult issues, and a wide range of other subject matter. Safe to say the 19 year old Ohio native truly left us floored so her next release had a lot to live up to. Luckily her debut EP Butterfly Soul is a stellar project that showcases the wunderkind’s unique talents with her rich vocal gliding across her delicately crafted intimate soundscape before her evocative lyrics come in to deliver the final blow that leaves you reeling.

We see swiftly that she isn’t a one trick pony, slow opens and immediately gets us enthralled once again with a tender piano melody matching the halcyon qualities of her vocal effortlessly with lyrics being pure poetry. Consumed arrives and leaves us floored once again before transitioning to murder in the dark, a track reminiscent of the late 2000’s ukulele trend, that gained popularity through YouTube, with a bit more of a darker edge that will have you sway happily and cry in the corner. The title track is a knockout, having a subtle theatrical vibe to it with spaced out synths complimenting the emotive of the piece to create an ambient atmosphere that you can slowly lose yourself within. Stuck ends the whole affair as is the crown jewel of this project, cementing jo as an incredibly underrated talent.