With an insatiable hook that you’ll be unable to get out of your head, a fearless vocal display that confidently proclaims she will not be ignored and a hypnotic production that reverberates through your body as you blast it from your speakers, SAGE LOGAN isn’t messing around with her debut. CONTEMPLATING GETTING OVER YOU starts off simple but effective, with a minimalistic guitar opening the track before transitioning to a looping beat that makes her vocal the main focal point of the affair, making sure the story is what you’re enthralled by. From here the track continues to grow with LOGAN’s vocal becoming filled with passions with a venomous punch that brings her evocative emotions to the forefront whilst the production becomes a dance filled fever dream that allows you to unleash your own emotions through cathartic movement.

This is designed for you to forget about life for 2 minutes 40 seconds and just live in this moment. Whether it be going into work and needing something to jam out to in the car or something to help you get over an ex who you’re struggling to move on from, SAGE LOGAN has you covered.