We’re always told the grass is greener on the other side whenever we have a difficult decision to make regarding an unhappy situation. Trapped in a world where the soil has had salt rubbed into it, stopping any form of greenery growing again, we know we could be happier by taking the leap into a new land, however the fear often holds us back. Whilst we could be happier there’s also a chance it could be worse and that leaves the thought ruminating in our mind about whether it’s even worth taking the leap in the first place. This thought is what She Loves Boon has been enamoured by for months, running through his mind like an Olympic sprinter until the fantasy of finally escaping lead him to write another banger under his self-described emotional trap genre. Time to lose yourself in his electronic musings with warped vocals to match.

Poison Over Ice opens with a chorus of sweet melodic synths that glaze over the soundscape like honey along with a thumping bass line pulsating throughout, reverberating through your body with the cadence of his vocal characteristically emoting the unfiltered thoughts projected through his lyrics. Glistening with an unmistakable charm, She Loves Boon’s signature sound is picking up momentum as he leaves behind scorching hot melodies that have us hooked and doing all we can to keep up with his fiery music.