As his mother grills him about getting a job and the current direction of his life, South African singer Jst Sako leaves to find work and seems to have found love instead. He started working at a barbershop, but he may not be working there long because his hair-cutting skills weren’t top-notch, and he left to chase a beautiful woman on the streets of Jozi.

I wanted to capture in a lyric, what it means to adore the beauty of a woman and personify the feeling of meeting what in my belief could be the most incredible person you’ve ever come across in your entire existence… from the greeting which simply says, ‘Molo’ to the very walk down the aisle which would be yours forever in love!

Watch the visual below for ‘Molo’, which is said to be playing on television in his hometown. The script is written by the award-winning Nigerian filmmaker George Beke and co-directed by multi-award winning South African filmmaker, Ofentse Mwase.