I couldn’t be more excited to write this piece on Tucker Rivera’s latest single “Good In White”. You may be familiar with his single “West Coast City” which was a viral TikTok sensation and currently holds over 5 million streams on Spotify. I assure you Tucker is no one-hit wonder, and it is essential to explore his full catalog of music available on all platforms. Some of my personal favourites are “Thank You For Your Sweater” which I listen to more than I’d like to admit and his cover of “Feeling Whitney” is a wonderful representation of his vocals and instrumental talents. 

To take us back to “Good In White” let’s focus on this particular single, its beautiful lyrics, and dreamy production. Tucker’s voice is elegant and soft over a gentle guitar and he evokes emotion from the very beginning. Somewhat of a hopeless romantic story, it’s clear he’s singing of a love interest with lyrics “I’m a lover boy in a laser beam / Going door to door / So I know / I love you more”. It’s as though the relationship he’s after is extremely desirable but just out of his reach. 

This song is for one of those nights when you’re lost in thoughts and reflection on moments that were so perfect when you had them. It’s for the playlist that takes you back in time and brings out the nostalgia of what once was. It’s sad but equally romantic, the vibes of the musical production are so beautiful and fit for a movie soundtrack. Tucker’s voice complements the music terrifically and the two are blended effortlessly giving us a genuine piece of art. 

Tucker has been consistently impressing his audience this year with “Good In White” being his fourth single of 2022 it’s taking the top of the list for me. Each release gets better and better and I can’t wait for even more music in the future, would love to see a full project from him within the next year. Make sure you listen to his latest single and also check out any other recommended tracks I mention, I promise you they won’t disappoint!