If you ever wondered if it is possible to have full instrumental sound without the instruments, you definitely need to check the release, “Overnight” from Yann Brassard. The young and multi-talented artist used his mouth to get the instrumental sounds for the song. Only the drum parts were really instrumental; everything else you hear in the song is just Yann doing his magic with his vocals. “Overnight” is a follow-up to Yann’s previous releases, “Mission Commando” and “Dangereuse,” both in french. “Overnight” is in English, and it is intriguing to hear Yann’s approach to the language peppered with some spicy moments that give the track a special flavor. The spiciness is also evident in the musical choices the young creator made. He experiments boldly with different new subgenres of pop, and the result will make you wanna burn the dancefloor with the rhythm of your dance.